29 nov 2009 (English)

Can you see what a lovely weather we have? I always pick the best days to be off on =D But its going to rain for a couple of days now so I´m pretty sure I´ll get wet soon enogh.

Yesterday we got 3 more dogs, pups that are just a couple of months old. We were looking for them 2 days ago when the roadworkers found a another dog who had just got puppies that we had to find. The 3 shpherdpuppies that we couldn´t get to days ago we kept looking for yesterday. It was mainly Lisa, Gill and Monike looking for them yesterday, and after a couple of hours endurance the got all 3 of them. They are beautiful, i don´t have any pictures of them yet, but as soon as I have I´ll put them up here, and a picture of Lisa trying to catch them.

I remember Ruben from last year I was here, and should absolutley stop by Inger =D

And Malin, I hope you sell a lot of clothes =D

Here comes some pictures of Monike and her puppies


Postat av: EmmaSj

OMG!!! They are sooo cute, and tiny :) The mum was a beauty. But I can´t relocate where the kennel is? Is it a new one?

Rain at sos are "piiiip", me don´t like :) hi hihi

Great job finding the other pups, I´m waiting for pictures.

And as always, Im waiting to hear alot of the god old dogs at sos, the ones ho makes sos to what it is...I miss my love Sarah, so please!!!!! give her alot of attention and love from me!

Keep up the good work!

2009-11-30 @ 10:26:44
Postat av: Cecce

Är det en av dessa valparna som delar namn med mig? :D

2009-11-30 @ 21:37:47
Postat av: philo

Jag undrar om hur det är att jobba där. E lite sugen på ett liknande ställe. Har du speciell utbildning för det där?


2009-12-01 @ 13:51:46

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