15 nov 2009 (English)

I´m gonna start to answer som questions.
Sally is living with a lady here in Spain, and Sam who she was living with here at sos has been put to sleep I think.

Tom has moved to Sweden aswell and Sarah is now living with Nero, Betty, Lousie and Munch.

Surrito is still here, but he´s leaving for Sweden really soon.

I told you last time that Kinkos leismania was worse, but I forgot to tell you that he has been on a speciall treatment and now is really well.

I forgot to bring the cable to my mobil so i can´t post any new photos right now. But I´m getting it next week, then you will see some new photos of you favorite dogs =D

The vet is coming tomorrow and he is going to castrate the 9 new dogs that we have. It´s going to happen in my and Julias apartment so I´m going to do some major cleaning tonignt, wiiii =D
  There has been some major cleening of the kennels aswell. It´s been a couple of days work, but it has reallly been worth it. The only thing we have left now is the bars on the brickkennels.

I took my little guy (Edward) to the river today, he LOVED it! He is a little wimp though, afraid of every sound and he didn´t want to go too far out in the water before I did. On the way back we stayed at the stable to look at the horses, which was really scary.

This is specially for you Maria and Fredrik; Bambi is loving her time here, she is half a yard-dog, jumping in and out of the terrace all the time and following us down to the side. And everyone is mesmerized by her cuteness so she gets lots of cuddling.

Now I really need to get going with the cleaning!


Postat av: Emmasj

Oh, I'm happy about Kinko. Love!

Great to hear everything is going well, I miss sos alot!!! And of course my loves over there. One day..

But now I have little Chess to take care about, hopefully he is finding the perfect home some.

Give Sarah, Toya, Spud, "bussyskonen" a BIG kiss from me!And of course little Doggie :)

2009-11-15 @ 21:46:08
Postat av: maria

Åhhhh, vad härligt att höra att Bambi mår bättre! Massor av kramar till dig Anna och alla vovvarna, och hälsa gärna Gill från mig, jag lovar att skicka Marta-bilder snart! Passade skorna förresten?!

2009-11-18 @ 11:36:30
Postat av: angelica

Så himla kul att läsa här i bloggen! Var så kul när vi var där samtidigt :)

Skulle gärna vilja se hur det ser ut i byggnaderna nu, om nånting är omgjort osv :) Bilder på lägenheterna etc :)

Har de där 6 valparna som drog så fruktansvärt när jag var där fått något hem ? =)

2009-11-20 @ 03:44:46
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