5 nov 2009

I am going to try to write today’s blogg in English since I know that you Gill is reading it, I hope that you can excuse my crappy spelling and the grammar.

We had dinner at Stans yesterday which resolves in a very quiet siesta today, right now I´m cuddling with Heather, Willie and Edward (of course) in the sofa. I´ve let Edward out of the room today ´cos he has sooooooo much energi that he can´t waste in the room in any other way than destroying it. Yesterday he ate half of my berocca-vitamine-tablets which gave him a bad diarrhoea to clean up this morning. Of course he´s sleeping in my bed during the night but at daytime he can be a pain in the ass to Heather and Willie =P He and Peggy works quite well together as well, they even played with a stick earlier.

Answers to questions:
Kinkos leismania got worse and Tony wanted one more dog as his companion, I think that is the reasons why he lives whit Tony now.
Belle is still here. We just moved her up to Sam and Toya and Sam is sooo happy for his new friend that he can play with.

I think this has to do for today because I’m pretty tired myself.

Today’s Spanish word: Dinner – comida ( I think)

Lots of hugs and kisses!


Postat av: Jossan

Jag följer din blogg troget :-) Stava engelska är ju aldrig fel, jag pallar dock inte kommentera på engelska haha, fast jag snart ska leva med engelsspråkiga :-) Vi måste ses min vän! Puss Puss

2009-11-05 @ 17:27:38
Postat av: Jeanette

åh, lovely to hear about Belle and her new kennel! I miss her so much, I had her and the other puppies (the ones who died this summer in parvo..) as my "special project" during my stay at sos. I´m sure that Toya and Sam will take care of her :)

Is Sorrito moved or has he went to Sweden allready? hehe, sorry about the bad spelling, but I think it´s good to write in english, just that i don´t forget everything:P

2009-11-05 @ 20:12:46
URL: http://honnettan.blogg.se/
Postat av: Emmasj

Lovely to hear about Kinko!

And Toya, she is a big love.

Can you please tell me something about my big love, Sarah? How is she? Does she lives whit Nero in an apartment still? Oh, God I miss that dog. Big kiss from me to her :)

2009-11-05 @ 20:46:02
Postat av: Terttu from Finland

Hej annasalmi and all of you down there

it's heart warming to see some dear names, Gill, Tony, Therese and Sam, Rookie, Kinko, Trickie.

How is Sam's girl friend Sally? How are my ex house dogs one-blue-eyed Tom and Sarah? Flint's in Sweden, it´s great.

Please, take pictures of those dogs who aren't in the adoption program. I'm sure many volunteers miss them like me.

take care

hugs Terttu, volunteer Aug. 2008

2009-11-06 @ 23:40:24

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